On the sixth week, we have Oscar Night at the end of module leadership and team building activity on 31st November 2009 till 2nd December 2009. The Oscar night was held on that last day of the leadership and team building activity with the theme ‘Glamorous of Black and Red’ where as we can see that Gelam Hall of Merang Suria Resort was full with ocean of black and red. This event was organized by Cougars group.

The Oscar night was held due to give awards and as token of appreciation for GEMS’ s participants of their hardship in making short movies and patriotic song which all 14 groups were compulsory to take part in this event.The awards that provided were Best Directing, Best Scrip Writing, Best Mass Participants, Best Special Effect, Overall Best Picture and Best Patriotic Song. The winners were:

Best Directing : Phoenix Group

Scrip Writing  :Fighter 5 Group

Best Mass Participant  : Rendezvous Group

Special Music Effect : Faventure Group

Overall Best Picture : Phoenix Group

Best Patriotic Song : Red Eagle

Apart of it, there were special awards for the participants who were King and Queen of the night and those lucky participants were:

• The King of night   : Mohd Arsyan
• The Queen of night : Rosmah Ramli

Beside that, the winner for the outdoor activities of the team building activities also announced during this event which Emperor Group won for the 1st place, 2nd place was Cougars Group while the Outrageous Group won for the 3rd place. The winners for these activities were evaluated based on the ability of each team to manage to be the top five for the whole 3 days activities.


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